Dreams of days gone by…..

Does your past ever come back to haunt you? Maybe in a dream or memory that slips in through the cracks in time. We all have moments when we sigh and remember something from the past or maybe it’s someone. It could be a favorite pet, an old, dear friend, a lost loved one or maybe even a former love. But we all have a past no matter how much we try to say we don’t.

I’m often asked if my writing reflects my past. Usually I smile warmly and wink. As a writer I do pull from things that inspire me. Sometimes I do pull from my past but I make it something new in my writing. Writing has a way of making the past come alive or maybe put the past to rest. 

I’ve spoken with many authors that use their writing to put the past to rest. Maybe they have a lover that never left their heart, but left their life. They write about the experiences shared with them and then try to lock it away in the book. Some say it helps and others just shrug and go on with the memories clouding their minds.

I try to put the past in the past where it belongs, but some memories are vivid in my mind and they are pleasant to revisit from time to time. The smell of horses makes me go back in times to my earlier years. As you know from my writing, horses are something that inspire me. When I get the scent, even in a faint wind, I have to smile. For many reasons I smile, but I smile none the less. I just adore horses and they played an important role in parts of my past. For those that knew me in the past they know it’s the truth.

One of my big dreams was to become an author. Well that dream has come true and recently I made it to Amazon’s bestseller list which was an exclamation point on that dream. It was humbling and exciting at the same time. The fans have made it a special time with their letters and emails. They live out my dream with me in every word I write. 

So, which of your dreams have come true? Does your writing reflect them?

As always, good writing and May God Bless you…


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