Monday morning!

It’s Monday morning and my weekend was way too short, but exciting. Saturday was my book signing in Zebulon. It turned out really well and I’m excited about the future events that could spin off of it.

Now to add to my excitement, today the article I wrote for Southern Writers Magazine’s Suite T blog is available on their website. Here’s the link for you to go by to read and share: The article goes over the way I line up a story before I write it. I do hope it helps other writers.

My manuscript that is on Wattpad is still racking up the votes and reads. The comments are really good and I hope that helps with the stories success. It’s still in the hands of Harlequin, so fingers crossed that it does well.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…Southern_Writers_button


4 thoughts on “Monday morning!

  1. Read, enjoyed, and shared your article, Stephanie. Don’t like to give other sites access to my social media info, though. So, here’s my reply:

    I always write a “synopsis.” Depending on the size of the story, it can be five or six pages long. It includes my characters’ bios, which I later expand on. I need a road map, so to speak, or I’ll end up lost or in a ditch. A lot of writers are turning to Scrivener these days–something I might check out. Old habits die hard, however: I’m still cling to Word!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Linda! I have to have a road map too or I’ll wonder down the rabbit’s hole 😉 Scrivener was a huge jump for me because I lean on Word too! I still compile it and finish it in Word for now, but as I learn more about Scrivener I’ll eventually do it all in it, but for now Word finishes it up.

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