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Monday morning writing…

Good morning peeps! Hope all is well with everyone this morning. As for me, it’s the end of tax season and I’m trying to get out the last few returns that are still hanging out on my desk. But first things first, I’m working on my Christmas romance this morning early.

Oh, you haven’t heard about it, well let me fill you in. As some of you know I have a Christian Series “Lean On Him” that I’ve written two books in. Well this is the third installment. It’s called “Her Wish For Christmas”. This book has been working on me for a while, but I wasn’t sure just how to get the story across to my readers. Well, guess what, I’ve figured it out and hope it helps someone out.

The book is about domestic violence and how a couple finds their way through it. I’ve been researching many avenues of domestic violence and the statistics were scary. Did you know that many of us are friends with or work closely with someone that’s a victim of domestic abuse and we don’t even see the signs. In this book I’m only hitting the surface of the problem, but I just hope to add a little hope to someone that feels like they don’t have anyone to turn to. I’ll leave it at that for the moment.

Let’s just say I’ve shed many tears writing this one, even the outline tore my heart out as I imagined the woman’s pain and even the man’s pain as realization hits.

As for this weeks happenings I had an interesting call Friday. I’ve been chosen to be interviewed live on the radio tomorrow for my accounting business. It’s through the WRNW Radio network which is a Women’s Radio Network. They place women business leaders in the limelight for 8 minutes as they interview them and try to inspire other women with their story. I’m really excited and you know I’ll be mentioning my writing. Not sure what radio station it is, but I’ll let you know when I know. The interview is at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

As always, great writing and May God Bless you…

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Guest post from Sonya Loveday


First off, I want everyone to meet my friend and fellow author Sonya Loveday.  Sonya Loveday, first and foremost is a reader, an avid one. It is of that love that brought her to the realization that this was the answer to the nagging persistent feeling that ‘there’s got to be something more’. The dream came alive in 2009 when she purchased her laptop and began the tedious step of becoming a published author. When she’s not reading, she’s writing. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. And when she’s not doing either of those things she’s sleeping, shuttling her children back and forth to school, letting the dogs and cats in and out of the house for the umpteenth time in the last hour and dreaming of a clean house. You can find Sonya Loveday on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and WordPress on the links below: – @SonyaLoveday

Now I want to give you a look at her newest book which will be released officially March 31st. If the cover doesn’t draw you in then the description will. I just love her covers.




This looks to be an awesome book. But let’s not forget the 1st book in this series. Casted came out July 2013.


If this doesn’t pull you in, well you need to go back to the start of this post and try again. Let’s go out and support Sonya. 

As always, good writing and May God Bless you…




Talking with fellow author, V. Steele

Good morning everyone… I do hope you’re having a great day so far. Today I’m talking with fellow author, V. Steele. We actually met well over a year ago through my blog. It’s crazy the way we just clicked. She writes racier books than I do, but we have the same concept of writing. So, without further ado, here’s the interview that we did over the weekend.

S: Good morning V. 

V: Morning Steph, how’s it going with you?

S: It’s great. Let’s get down the nitty gritty. When’s the 3rd book coming out in the My Prodigy Trilogy coming out? I love this Trilogy, so I do have a personal reason as well as professional to ask this.

V: (Softly laughs) Well, it’s coming out early summer. I’ve been working on another manuscript that is part of the Chasing Cowboys series. But I do plan on working on the 3rd book soon. The cover is in the works now.

S: I can’t wait to see it. Hope to get a sneak preview when it’s done. Tell us a little about your work in progress. I do love cowboys.

V: Cowboys are fun to write about. The newest book in the series is called “My Obsessed Cowboy”. This has been such a fun book to write. It’s the story of a young woman and her cowboy. She loves him but he takes it too far. She can’t take the obsessive behavior so she leaves town. But as with any obsession, it doesn’t stop there. It’s going to have an interesting conclusion that hopefully leaves you excited and ready to find a obsessed cowboy.

S: That sounds pretty interesting. When should we expect to see this book published. I can’t wait to see the cover design.

V: I hope to have it out this Spring. This cover is also in the works. I’ve played with a couple of different ideas, but ultimately it’s the designer who works the magic with my ideas. 

S: Since I’ve had the chance to read some of this manuscript, can you give us just a little sliver of the story without giving away too much?

V: Oh yes, that’s a great idea. Here goes:

That night when he took her home she decided to tell him they had to cool it. When he pulled up to the walkway in front of the house she grabbed his hand as he went to get out. “Kyle, let’s talk a minute.”

“Alright babe, what’s up?” He caressed her hand and she had to close her eyes to keep her body from overtaking her brain yet again.

“Kyle, we need to take a break from one another.”

His head snapped up. “What do you mean, a break? Who is it?  Who’s trying to sneak into my territory?” He moved closer and the look in his eyes was murderous.

“There’s nobody else, we just need to take a breather.”

“Why? I thought you enjoyed our time together.” Suddenly she saw something different in his eyes. She couldn’t figure it out, but she knew it was dangerous.

“I have enjoyed the time we’ve spent together, but truthfully I can’t handle your possessiveness.” She had to be truthful.

“I’m not possessive. Is it wrong to love so much that you want to keep that person close. That’s how much I love you Tess.” He kissed her hand and squeezed it.

“Kyle you don’t realize that you’re acting possessive when you say I can’t talk to another man. We have several cowboys that work on this ranch and they are my friends.”

“I don’t like you talking to other men because I don’t like to share.”

“You’re not sharing anything, they are just friends.”

“I see the way they look at you. I’m not blind Tess.”

She pulled her hand out of his and opened the truck door. “Just think about what I’ve said.”

He opened his door and ran around to where she stood. “Baby, don’t walk away like this.”

“Like what Kyle. I’m just going home.” She threw up her hands in frustration.

Well, that’s a small snippet of a pivotal point in the first of the book.

S: Since I’ve read past this point, I can tell you this does pull you into the story. I want to thank you for this interview and the snippet from your newest work. 

V: Thanks for this chance to talk about my work. Also thanks for the help with all of my publishing questions that I’ve bombarded you with over the last year. 

S: It’s been fun. I can’t wait for the new releases. 


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed a small look into what’s up with V. Steele. She has several books out and many more to come. Check her out at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and many other retailers.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

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Men and romance novels…

If you’re a man, do you read romance novels? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. I know plenty of men that read romance. I have several male fans and I think that’s wonderful. It could be that I write cowboy romance, but they read the couple of non cowboy books too. 

When I was younger I couldn’t see a man enjoying a good romance novel, but I’ve had my eyes opened. I have a couple of male authors that I love to follow and they write romance. It’s amazing the amount of romance that some men can pull into a romance. Most men would not feel comfortable admitting they read romance or wrote romance, but not these men. 

Do you know a male romance author? What about a man that loves a good romance? As for me I know several on both counts. My hubby doesn’t read or write romance, but he loves a good romantic movie. That’s a plus for me because I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame. 

If you’re a man and you love a good romance or maybe you write romance, then let me know. I’d love to interview you here on my blog. Come on, don’t be shy 🙂

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

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Character Interview…

Today I’m interviewing the main character from “Finding The Right Time”. She’s a journalist go getter that has a problem. I’ll be talking with her about the issues and how she plans to work through them.

SH: Good morning Lily!

LS: Good morning.

SH: Let’s get right to the problem at hand. The dreams you’ve had since childhood still haunt you. Have you had any luck finding out why those dreams are important?

LS: Actually, now that I’ve moved to Savannah the dreams have come to a head. The house in my dream is the house I’m renting now. Also, the man I’m renting from looks a lot like the man in my dream. 

SH: That’s interesting. I heard you speak of time travel. How does that come into play?

LS: Well, that put me in a tailspin. I’ve been drawn to the cemetery on the land. When I went to the cemetery, something strange came over me. I was transported to 1865 and to the man in my dreams. Rafe is a good man and he loves me.

SH: But aren’t you in love with Anthony, his great great grandson?

LS: (She smiles) Well, that’s part of the problem. It’s as though they are the same man, but I know that can’t be. I’m having a difficult time with this problem. It’s hard when you love two men with all your heart.

SH: That is definitely a problem. Do they know that you love them both?

LS: I’ve made Anthony aware of it, but Rafe refuses to talk about it. How can I be in love with two men from different times?

SH: That’s quite a quandry that you’re in. What’s your plan?

LS: I’m not sure at this point. I love Rafe dearly and also I love Anthony. They’re both wonderful men. I’m drawn to Rafe by unknown forces and that keeps me going back. I pray that I make a decision really soon. 

SH: Well, let’s hope the decision you make helps and you can make peace with it.

LS: Thanks. I do hope the same thing.

SH: Thanks for meeting with me today. 

LS: Thanks for writing me into your novel. I do hope all of your readers enjoy reading about what I do next. It could be a surprise and a pleasant ending or maybe not 🙂


I do hope you enjoyed this little interview. The story of Lily’s time travel romance is a many faceted thing. It’s a wonderful love story that brings things that are important to us to the forefront. It’s on preorder now on Smashwords. Check it out.


As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


Day 29 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour



Welcome to Day 29 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. The question I put out to all of these authors was “What challenges do you face in writing romance in today’s society?”

Don’t forget to go over to Rosie Amber’s page and check out her page too. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post.

Today my guest author is Sherry Gammon and I want to thank her for blogging with me today. Here is a little about Sherry and her book Unloveable.

What Challenges do you face writing romance in today’s society?

I feel the biggest challenge in writing romance in today society is really not just about the romance industry. The biggest challenge about writing is the flooded market. There are so many books to choose from. You really have to market your book to get it noticed in the sea of books that are out there. Doing blog tours, finding reviewers, and making sure your book has been professionally edited, all of these things will help you to get your book noticed by the reader.

I also believe it is important to remember that book bloggers work hard to promote our (author’s) books so treat them with respect. I’ve heard of author becoming anger because they didn’t receive a good enough review or the blogger was a day or two late in their posting…Seriously? Bloggers are doing us the favor, for free, I might add. So rude authors: play nice or go home ;}

Probably the most important thing is to write a quality book. All the marketing in the world will not make your book successful if the quality is not there. It is a tough market. There are not many stories like JK Rowley out there, sadly. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if there were?!


Sherry Gammon author

Unlovable was Sherry’s debut novel and quickly rose to many top seller lists on Amazon. She is pleased to announce that Unlovable is currently being made into a movie. She has added two more novels to her body of work. Souls in Peril, the poignant story of Max Sanchez who is on a journey to help the struggling JD Miller survive high school, and Pete & Tink, a fun, light-hearted novella of a manga-loving geek and a five-and-a-half inch fairy.
Sherry and her husband, along with their children and a couple of crazy dogs, call Upstate New York home. It is where she spends her nights writing instead of sleeping.{:
Her Blog
Unlovable Video book trailer:
Souls in Peril book trailer:



Seventeen year-old Maggie Brown is truly the poster child for Heroin Chic, complete with jutting bones and dark-ringed eyes. But drugs are not Maggie’s problem… her mother is.
Maggie’s struggling with her growing feelings for the new guy at school, Seth Prescott, and fears he is just another person who will let her down, like everyone in her life has done thus far.
Seth Prescott is an undercover cop assigned to Port Fare High, and despite his job, he’s developed strong feelings for Maggie.
Seth’s working tirelessly to flush out the sadistic drug peddlers that have invaded the small town of Port Fare, New York, while Maggie fights to stay alive as the search turns deadly. Seth and Maggie’s romantic journey is one of humor, heartbreak and self-discovery as their world is about to change forever.


Check out Sherry and her book. I know you won’t be disappointed.


Here’s the link to Rosie’s side of the tour:


Day 28 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour



Welcome to Day 28 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. The question I put out to all of these authors was “What challenges do you face in writing romance in today’s society?”

Don’t forget to go over to Rosie Amber’s page and check out her page too. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post.

Today my guest author is Alison Morton and I want to thank her for blogging with me today. Here is a little about Alison and her book Inceptio.

What Challenges do you face writing romance in today’s society?

Romances are defined by a central love story and a happy or hopeful ever after ending. But the stereotype ‘sweet young thing’ waiting to be rescued doesn’t cut it these days. Readers of contemporary romance like a more independent worldly-wise heroine who earns a living and takes on responsibilities of her own. Heroes are no longer universally masterful super-beings who know everything and can do everything while she flutters her eyelashes.

 Respecting the genre conventions is very important, but writing needs to be fresh and original to succeed in a competitive writing market. Today, we see many sub-genres: paranormal, historic, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and suspense. A survey conducted by the Romance Writers of America in 2005 found that nearly 50% of readers liked a side order of mystery with their romances. This can range from dark and edgy to cozy and lighthearted.

A romantic relationship can develop gradually or be the legendary coup de foudre. It can be tentative or intense – that’s something that doesn’t change – but readers like to see both hero and heroine change and mature during the story.

 A heroine or hero who realizes they are falling in love has two choices: to accept it and revel in it, or refuse it. This is the challenge today: people don’t have to get married or partnered.  They may not only be torn between so many other choices, but also struggling with pressures falling on them. They may think of sacrificing their potential emotional satisfaction for their career, their cause, to pursue education, new experiences such as living overseas or just for their own self-respect if they doubt their love interest is trustworthy.

 This happens to my heroine who although in love with the hero cannot be with him because of his deception. But as she matures, she realizes she may have made the most colossal mistake of her life…




 Alison Morton grew up in the United Kingdom. A historical fiction lover and ‘Roman nut’ since age 11, she has visited sites throughout Europe including the alma mater, Rome. But it was walking on the mosaics at Ampurias (Spain) that triggered her wondering what a Roman society would be like if run by women. Always enjoying well-written romantic suspense and thrillers with a twist, ‘what if’ alternate history fiction had particularly intrigued her.
So when she came to novel writing in reaction to a really dire film, alternate history thrillers featuring a strong female character in a Roman themed world weren’t so unlikely! 
Before starting the Roma Nova thriller series, Alison published a history ebook, Military or Civilians? The curious anomaly of the German Women’s Auxiliary Services during the Second World War in March 2012.


New York, present day, alternate reality. Karen Brown, angry and frightened after surviving a kidnap attempt, has a harsh choice – being eliminated by government enforcer Jeffery Renschman or fleeing to the mysterious Roma Nova, her dead mother’s homeland in Europe.

 Founded sixteen centuries ago by Roman exiles and ruled by women, Roma Nova gives Karen safety and a ready-made family. But a shocking discovery about her new lover, the fascinating but arrogant special forces officer Conrad Tellus who rescued her in America, isolates her.

Renschman reaches into her new home and nearly kills her. Recovering, she is desperate to find out why he is hunting her so viciously. Unable to rely on anybody else, she undergoes intensive training, develops fighting skills and becomes an undercover cop. But crazy with bitterness at his past failures, Renschman sets a trap for her, knowing she has no choice but to spring it… 


Go over and check out Alison and Inceptio…


Here’s the link to Rosie’s side of the tour: