Sneek Peek Friday…

I’m super excited that my 2nd book in the “Lean On Him” series is almost completed. The cover is almost completely ready. I’ll do a cover reveal on Monday, which I can’t wait to do. It’s so simple but yet says it all.

This series is my Christian Romance series and it covers emotions and life changing experiences. The difference is every experience is handled with Faith in God. It shows how faith can waver and give you pause. The books are meant to inspire and hopefully raise you to a new level of spiritual awakening.

Here is an excerpt from “Faith Through The Tears”, Hope you like it 🙂

The first night she was admitted into the hospital this time she told him to tell Amanda to come see her. She needed stationary and a pen. He was a little confused because they had a will. But he called Amanda and she came in fifteen minutes later.

She grabbed Rachel’s hand and smiled. “Hello my friend. How are you tonight?” It tore Amanda’s heart just watching her friend suffering. Rachel had become a great friend since her marriage to Luke. Since Randy and Luke worked the same shift, Amanda spent a lot of time with Rachel and the girls.

“I’m not good Amanda. I know the Lord is getting ready to call me home.” A tear slipped from her eye as she tried to be strong. This was so hard, not the dying but the knowledge that her little girls would not have a mommy.

Amanda put her hand to her mouth to stifle the sob that surged forward. “Rachel, don’t talk like that. You’re strong and I know you’re going to beat this again.” Rachel closed her eyes and squeezed her hand.

“Not this time. He came to me in a dream and told me to get things prepared. I’m not afraid. I’ve been ready since the day I gave my heart to Him.” She got quiet for a moment and then took a deep breath. “I need you to help me do something special for the girls.”

“Anything, I will do anything you need me to do.” She pulled the chair up to the side of the bed.

“Did you bring the items I asked for?”

Pulling them from her purse, she handed them to Rachel. “I had some really pretty stationary with roses on it. It made me think of your rose garden at the back of the house.”

“Will you help me write letters to the girls? I need you to write them as my hand shakes too badly. I would’ve asked Randy, but you know his handwriting. The girls would have never figured it out.” She tried to laugh, but she wound up coughing instead.

“Just tell me what to write.” Her heart was so heavy. To think this poor mother was having to compose a goodbye letter to her two precious girls. This was almost too much to bear. She had asked Luke last night why God was taking such a precious person when she had so much to live for. He’d held her as she’d cried and he told her something that she knew but refused to admit. The Lord has His reasons and it’s not for us to ask why.

Slowly Rachel recited the letters to Amanda. She stopped several times to get her composure. Amanda wiped at her eyes constantly. The letters were so sweet. She’d written three for each of the girls. One letter was for after the funeral, one was for the day they graduated from school and the third was for the day they got married. She’d thought of everything.

When she was done, she smiled and seemed to relax. “Now I can be there with my girls for their big days. One more thing I need to ask of you. Will you make sure that they know about girlie things like dance class and dolls. I know Randy will do his best, but you’ve seen how their hair looks after he gets through with it.” She managed a good hearty laugh then. It was good to hear that laugh. Amanda held it locked inside for future daydreams.

“The girls will carry you in their hearts as long as they live. I will definitely be a part of their lives and make sure they have matching clothes and ballerina classes. Don’t worry. They will be well taken care of.” She reached over and hugged her close. This was hard losing a close friend.

Well, that’s just a snippet. I can tell you this, I’ve gone through a lot of tissues while writing this one. It’s been emotionally draining, but it’s also satisfying. The words have flowed as quickly as the tears, but most of the tears are of joy. 

I’ll keep everyone updated on the release and Monday will be the cover release…

As always, good writing and May God Bless you…



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