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The Street Team is getting a good response and I want to thank everyone who signed up for it! For the next few days ONLY the first chapter of Chase (the 3rd book in the 5 Oaks Ranch series) will be on the street team page for anyone that has joined! I will have to be taking it down next week because Stephanie has provided me with some awesome new information that needs to be put on the site.

Also, make sure that you are referring people! If you refer someone and they let me know you will be eligible for an ARC of Chase before it is available to anyone else! So make sure you are signing up for the Street Team and telling everyone else about it!

Just go to!street-team/cdmb and it is so easy to sign up! We will approve you and then you will be able to view the newest and juiciest new from Stephanie! If you have signed up and did not receive your awesome welcome package please go back and make sure that you sign up for the Street Team and not the subscription to Stephanie’s author newsletter. If you have signed up for the Street Team you should be asked for a password and I will have confirmed your membership!

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Word Count & Scrivener

Good Saturday morning! Here in Georgia it’s simply gorgeous with the sun shining and the temps comfortable. Makes me want to go outside and sit the rest of the day writing. But my house needs an overhaul 😉 That doesn’t mean that I won’t end up out there with my laptop.

I’m working on two manuscripts at the moment. Of course ‘Chase’ is one of them and then I’m also working on a new Christian Historical Romance, but that one will be discussed at a later date. As for writing, I’ve been trying to get in my daily word count and then some. Since the stories are flowing pretty steadily lately, it helps me to stay focused.

One thing that is helping with my writing lately is a program that I’m trying out. Have you tried out Scrivener yet? Several authors have suggested the program to me, but until now I’ve been using word mostly. So about a month or so ago I decided to test the waters and I’ve not looked back yet.

This program incorporates my trusty outlines and character lists into the same screen as my manuscript. I can keep it all at my fingertips at all time. Better yet as a new character is created I can simply add them to the list and never skip a beat. I’ve even got the outlines typed out for a couple of story ideas for later in the year.

What’s fun is with my 5 Oaks Ranch series I can copy my character list over to the next book. That way I don’t have to keep going back to the books before and search out a character. Let’s just say I love this program and highly suggest trying it out. They offer a trial version so that you can make sure it fits in with your way of writing.

Well, I better get back to mopping my kitchen and doing laundry because it won’t do itself. Also the sooner it’s done, the sooner me and my laptop can head out to sit on the deck and get lost in another world, if just for a while.

So, what are you up to today? Hope it’s fun…

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Sneek Peek Friday…

I’m super excited that my 2nd book in the “Lean On Him” series is almost completed. The cover is almost completely ready. I’ll do a cover reveal on Monday, which I can’t wait to do. It’s so simple but yet says it all.

This series is my Christian Romance series and it covers emotions and life changing experiences. The difference is every experience is handled with Faith in God. It shows how faith can waver and give you pause. The books are meant to inspire and hopefully raise you to a new level of spiritual awakening.

Here is an excerpt from “Faith Through The Tears”, Hope you like it 🙂

The first night she was admitted into the hospital this time she told him to tell Amanda to come see her. She needed stationary and a pen. He was a little confused because they had a will. But he called Amanda and she came in fifteen minutes later.

She grabbed Rachel’s hand and smiled. “Hello my friend. How are you tonight?” It tore Amanda’s heart just watching her friend suffering. Rachel had become a great friend since her marriage to Luke. Since Randy and Luke worked the same shift, Amanda spent a lot of time with Rachel and the girls.

“I’m not good Amanda. I know the Lord is getting ready to call me home.” A tear slipped from her eye as she tried to be strong. This was so hard, not the dying but the knowledge that her little girls would not have a mommy.

Amanda put her hand to her mouth to stifle the sob that surged forward. “Rachel, don’t talk like that. You’re strong and I know you’re going to beat this again.” Rachel closed her eyes and squeezed her hand.

“Not this time. He came to me in a dream and told me to get things prepared. I’m not afraid. I’ve been ready since the day I gave my heart to Him.” She got quiet for a moment and then took a deep breath. “I need you to help me do something special for the girls.”

“Anything, I will do anything you need me to do.” She pulled the chair up to the side of the bed.

“Did you bring the items I asked for?”

Pulling them from her purse, she handed them to Rachel. “I had some really pretty stationary with roses on it. It made me think of your rose garden at the back of the house.”

“Will you help me write letters to the girls? I need you to write them as my hand shakes too badly. I would’ve asked Randy, but you know his handwriting. The girls would have never figured it out.” She tried to laugh, but she wound up coughing instead.

“Just tell me what to write.” Her heart was so heavy. To think this poor mother was having to compose a goodbye letter to her two precious girls. This was almost too much to bear. She had asked Luke last night why God was taking such a precious person when she had so much to live for. He’d held her as she’d cried and he told her something that she knew but refused to admit. The Lord has His reasons and it’s not for us to ask why.

Slowly Rachel recited the letters to Amanda. She stopped several times to get her composure. Amanda wiped at her eyes constantly. The letters were so sweet. She’d written three for each of the girls. One letter was for after the funeral, one was for the day they graduated from school and the third was for the day they got married. She’d thought of everything.

When she was done, she smiled and seemed to relax. “Now I can be there with my girls for their big days. One more thing I need to ask of you. Will you make sure that they know about girlie things like dance class and dolls. I know Randy will do his best, but you’ve seen how their hair looks after he gets through with it.” She managed a good hearty laugh then. It was good to hear that laugh. Amanda held it locked inside for future daydreams.

“The girls will carry you in their hearts as long as they live. I will definitely be a part of their lives and make sure they have matching clothes and ballerina classes. Don’t worry. They will be well taken care of.” She reached over and hugged her close. This was hard losing a close friend.

Well, that’s just a snippet. I can tell you this, I’ve gone through a lot of tissues while writing this one. It’s been emotionally draining, but it’s also satisfying. The words have flowed as quickly as the tears, but most of the tears are of joy. 

I’ll keep everyone updated on the release and Monday will be the cover release…

As always, good writing and May God Bless you…



Character Analogy through my eyes!

Character Analogy!

Writing in a good character is sometimes the nemesis of writing. (To me that is!) When I sit down with a story in mind, sometimes the main character is unknown to me. I have to figure out how this character will evolve in the story.

First, I try to get a hold on the timeline that the story will tell. Will this be a story that takes place over years or just months or maybe even a couple of days. That tells me a lot about the age of the characters.

Second, Attitude,Attitude, What kind of attitude will the main character have? Will he or she be a real humble, quiet person or will they be sassy and noisy?

Third, Looks! Very important in a character, to me that is. When I read a book I like to be able to picture the person as the story unfolds. It helps make the story come alive in the readers mind and in the writers mind.

Fourth, Location. Will this be in a cold wintery setting, warm southern climate, or will it go many places. also important to make sure you put as much detail in your surroundings as possible without getting long winded. Why do I put this is my character analogy? Well, you need to know where the person is from, this makes up the character themselves. If they live in Montana, Georgia, Europe, or elsewhere, this could make the story turn differently and have a different feel. You usually don’t find a beach bunny or bum in Montana! (Smiling)

Fifth,  Will your main character stay the same or will they change when the story evolves?

Sixth, the dreaded name of the character. Sometimes the name is automatic when the story comes through my head, but keep in mind the time period you are writing in and the names that would have been used.  Sometimes that sets the tone.

I know this may not be the way most writers see their characters, but this helps me to make a connection with the person that will consume my thoughts and musings until the book is finished. I just hope it helps others while struggling with their characters bio.

  Well, here …


Well, here it is. I have had some faithful followers ask for more info on me. I have a hard time talking about me as a person.  So here goes, and remember you asked, so…

I currently live in Georgia (USA). I am married and I have a 13 year old son. I also have a 26 yr old step daughter, 19 yr old step son, and a 5 yr old step grandson. Never a dull moment around our house.

I have been an accountant for over 20 years and have owned my own accounting firm for 15 years. I know what you are wondering, “When do you have time to write?” Well, I write in the mornings after my son gets on the bus and at night when my husband snores on the couch and my son sleeps.

I am also a Children’s Minister at my Church. This has been a wild ride. If you have never worked with children, you need to try it. I enjoy every minute of it. My Faith is A very important part of my life.

Well, as for me, personally, I am a patient person. My doctor laughs when he checks My blood pressure, he says, “Usually Accountants have high blood pressure”, Then rolls his eyes. My husband says sometimes I am too calm. (Smiling) This annoys him sometimes.

I have been reading romance novels since I was a teenager. I had read several Harlequin and Sillouette books when I discovered Danielle Steele’s “Remembrance”, well I was lost then. I started reading that one every year.

My favorite old movie is “Gone With The Wind.” Come on people, I am a Georgia girl, what did you expect. I have so many new favorites that I can’t mention them all. I love “Ghost Hunters” and “Three and A Half Men”. I am hooked on “True Blood” which the season ended Sunday night and I am still in shock. I love horses and cowboys. I am a country girl so that it is, out in the opening.

I have written over 20 manuscripts. Well started is more like it. My assistant gets to read them and I love to leave her hanging on a pivotal scene. She threatens to strangle me often. I have published 4 of them since May. It has been a fun and nail biting ride. I am working on 4 new manuscripts now. Check out my 4 published works. I have received a couple of great reviews and I thank all that have reviewed them. Here is the list and they are all on Smashwords and Amazon.

“Ghost Lover”

“Tender Flame” 1st in “Flames of Love” Series

“Moonbeam & Roses”

“With All My Heart…” 1st in “Lean On Him” Christian Series

So, as you can see, I am just a normal person with a abnormal obsession with writing the perfect romance novel. Like that is going to happen, but I can hope. I am not a perfectionist, so I know that will not happen. Hey, a person can dream and if you are a writer you are definitely a dreamer.

Whew! Now that is over. I am not one to talk about myself, just my work. Hope I did not bore you to tears.

Before I hit the bubble bath & a good book!

Well, it is Saturday night. I have worked some on one of the several books that I am currently

working on. I just downloaded a new book, “The Last Dance” by Wyatt McIntyre. Thought I would

give it a whirl. Sounds like a wonderful, heartfelt romance. I need one of those tonight.

Before I stick my toes in the warm, lavender bubbles, don’t forget to check out my 4 already published

novels on Smashwords and Amazon.

“With All My Heart…” and “Tender Flames” are both 1st editions to new series I have started. They are both free

for a while on Smashwords. Also “Ghost Lover” & “Moonbeam & Roses” are for sale too.

All four are now available in paperback through Amazon.

So, have a wonderful night and if you are in the mood for a little romance, check out my books. Especially if you like cowboys…

With All My Heart….

Check out my new Christian Romance which is free right now on

Here is a little excerpt for you to chew on!

When she got home she unlocked the door and walked in. She did not lock the door behind her. She went to the kitchen to put her tea pot on. She turned and started up the hall to get her clothes ready. When she got halfway up the hall a hand grabbed her and pulled her back up the hall. She tried to turn around to see who it was. She started to scream and a hand covered her mouth. 
She struggled with all her strength, but the person who held on to her was too strong. She tried to bite the hand over her mouth, but he pressed even harder. She could taste blood on her lips. She could tell it was a man by his strength and his large hands.
He pushed her forward into her bedroom. She tried to turn around, but he held her tight against him. She brought her foot down hard on his foot. He grunted and pounded a fist into her shoulder. She cringed in pain. She could not believe this was happening to her. 
Then he pushed her down on the bed and when she turned to try to slide off the other side he hit her so hard that she saw stars. She tried to hold onto consciousness, but the blackness surrounded her. She said a prayer as the blackness took over.

Well my new novel has a name!

As I have spoken in the past couple of posts, I finished my new Contemporary Christian Romance novella. I have been struggling for a month or so about a name for my book. Well, finally after several attempts, it is done. The name is

“With All My Heart…”. I can say that I put a lot of my own faith in this book.

The book hopefully will inspire others to search out their faith and renew it. I have prayed over this novella several times. It is scary when you go to a new side of the genre you write in, but I feel like I have been led to write this

Christian series. I just hope it is helpful to someone out there that may not have anyone to help.

Maybe just the act of picking up a book will help inspire them to get out of their shell. But isn’t that what all authors want to accomplish when we put pen to paper. We want to inspire people to do something. Maybe it is to inspire a single mom to step out of her comfort zone and do something for herself, or maybe a widow/widower to open their heart to love again, even help someone who has had a tragedy in their life to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know, maybe that was a little deep for Tuesday morning, but that is how I feel when I write. I want to be able to ignite a little romance in everyone. Romance helps keep your marriage new and exciting, it helps any relationship to stay healthy. When you lose the romance, it is sad.

My readers will be surprised when they read this new book. My books always have a cowboy and horses, but this one really steps away from my normal work. I am a country girl, what can I say. There is something about a cowboy that just inspires romance in my mind. Maybe you don’t get into cowboys, but at least be open to the romance.

So, if you follow my books, check out my new book. It will be available this week. I will update you on the way to find it later when the info is available.

To all my followers, have a wonderful Tuesday and try a little romance today! Step out with your Faith and just go for it.

Until the next time, Good Blogging my friends!