Ghost Lover is two today…

Ghost Lover FinalI guess you could call this a throwback thursday post. Today my first published novel turns two. It’s hard to believe that it’s been two whole years. Some days it seems like it was only yesterday. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Ghost Lover is under a face lift right now. The cover and manuscript are being worked on even as I type this post.

Since this was my first book it needs a little work. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years and I want to bring that knowledge to this first book. As for the cover, I dearly love the cover on the current book, but as it will be a fresh remake it needs a new look. Of course when I first published this book it had another cover. Let’s just say the first two covers that I designed were, well newbie. My cover designer finally took over the mouse and pushed me out of the seat shaking her head. That’s when she designed the cowboy in the sunset cover.

Here’s a little excerpt from the original Ghost Lover:

She walked into the stables and leaned on a post just inside the doors. She sniffed the air for a hint of the scent she had smelt earlier. It was not long before the scent went by her nose. She stood very still and let the wind direction lead her nose. She could tell it was coming from the back of the stable around the door that led to the back field.

Her eyes had gotten accustomed to the darkness. She searched the shadows for any sign of movement. She was holding her breath. What could it be? Suddenly there was slow movement in one corner. She put her hand up to her mouth. Her feet were rooted to the floor. Was she in danger? But she felt perfectly safe.

A shape formed out of the shadows. It was a man in a cowboy hat. She could not see his face only the dark shape. Was this an illusion or ghost? She was drawn to the shadow by some unknown feeling.

“Who are you and why are you here? Do I know you?”

“You know me, but he won’t let you remember me.” The voice was low and haunting.

“Should I be afraid of you?” She suddenly realized that she should be afraid but she could not move.

“I would never harm you.” He slowly moved closer but still in the shadows.

“Why are you here in the shadows? Why don’t you come into the moonlight so that I can see you?” She noticed he lowered his head and then looked back toward her.

“I do not want you to see me this way. I want you to remember me before you look upon my face.”

“What is wrong? Have you been injured in some way?” Her heart went out to him.

“Yes, I was burned in an accident. I want you to remember what we had before you see me.”

“What was our relationship?” Her heart was racing. She thought it would come out of her chest it was beating so hard.

“You will remember it. I do not want to rush your memories. When you remember, you will know me.” Why did she want to reach out to this person so much?

“Were we friends?” Could this be the man in her dreams that she could not see his face? Had he been scarred when she knew him before her accident?

“Yes, we were very close. I know you have me locked in your memory and it will come out.” He reached his hand out of the shadows and stroked her face. His touch set off an electrical charge through her veins.

“Are you a ghost?” He laughed softly and the sound set her mind reeling.

“What do you think?” She tried to see him through the shadows, but could not see his face.

“I think you are the man that has haunted my dreams since I lost my memory.”

“How do you feel about me in your dreams?” He was slowly moving closer.

“I feel confused because I can’t see your face and remember who you are?” She reached her hand up to try to touch his face, but he gently grabbed her hand and put it to his heart. She could feel it beating wildly.

“Can you feel my heart beating? You are what keeps my heart beating.”

He looked up suddenly and pulled her into the shadows. She gasped, not out of fear, but surprise.

“Someone is coming, but I need you to promise me that you will keep Thomas at arm’s length. He is a danger to you.”

“What kind of danger? He said he is my husband.” She could hear the footsteps getting closer.

“Just trust me; he is not your husband.” He put his hands on both sides of her face and kissed her so gently that she almost lost her footing. “Don’t tell him about me. I will be here waiting for you tomorrow night at midnight.” He slowly went back into the shadows. She could hardly catch her breath.

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet of a pivotal part of this cowboy romance. I loved writing it and it’s as though my baby is growing up, so we need to changed it’s clothes and make it better. Thanks to my wonderful fans for making it a popular book.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…



5 thoughts on “Ghost Lover is two today…

    1. Thanks for that. I’m enjoying doing the rewrites for this one. It’s fun when you read one of your older works. I feel like I’m visiting an old friend. Have a great day and enjoy…

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