Friday morning Inspiration

Good Friday morning. Here in Georgia the clouds are rolling in and we’re expecting storms this afternoon. But this morning I’m feeling inspired. It’s funny how just reading your social media posts can inspire you. As a writer inspiration is a big thing. It’s really hard to write if the inspiration is not there.

I love to see other authors posts and their success. It inspires me. I talked with a couple of authors one day and they said it makes them depressed to see how well other authors are doing, but for me it inspires me. I’m proud for my fellow authors. It’s great to see the authors do well. It gives me some hope in my own career.

What really inspires me is the posts from once traditionally published authors that have gone Self published and succeeded. It makes me give a fist pump in the air, knowing I made the right decision. Self publishing is getting more recognition. With self publishing you are the publishing crew, the editor in most cases, the cover designer in most cases and the cheering committee. But it’s your business and you can run it the way you want to. It just seems to work if you’re inspired to take the big steps. So watching other authors succeed makes that step a little easier.

How are you inspired in your writing? 

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


3 thoughts on “Friday morning Inspiration

  1. That’s absolutely the right attitude to have re other writers’ successes. I tend to be more like your friends and think ‘why can’t I be successful too?’ But I’m trying to have the right attitude, like yours. It’s taking time but I hope to get there in the end! Enjoying your novel BTW. 🙂

    1. I have to admit that some days it can be hard but in the end I am happy for them. I just adopt the attitude of ‘if they can do it, then so can I’. I’m glad you’re enjoying Ghost Lover. 🙂

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