Romancing September Across the World – Day 22 – Hilda Vaughn

Good morning everyone! I want to welcome you to the 2nd part of Day 22 of the 3rd Annual Romancing September Across the World Blog Tour. If you haven’t checked out Rosie’s post from earlier, then go by and get caught up.

Now on to today’s featured author, Here’s the question I asked:

What has been the biggest inspiration for your writing?

I have always been fascinated by women’s historical fiction and when I read this I really wanted to see it back in print again. Vaughan has been neglected in critical terms and this is a very sophisticated, well-written and thoughtful novel. The frustrations Laetitia faces in 1866 must have resonated very strongly with readers in 1926 when women were still fighting to get the vote on equal terms with men (that didn’t happen, of course, till 1928). And I think they still resonate with us today when we still face discrimination even if it’s not so blatant– we can identify with her desire for both more freedom and a romantic love affair.

Here’s a little bit about today’s author:

Diana-Wallace editor of Here Are Lovers

Born in Builth Wells, Hilda Vaughan (1892-1985) published eleven novels, two plays and a number of short stories, the majority of which are set in Wales. This new edition of Here Are Lovers (first published in

1926) includes an introduction by Diana Wallace, Professor of English Literature at the University of Glamorgan.

 Social media

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Todays featured book is “Here Are Lovers”. If you haven’t checked out the her book, then here’s a little about it and where to find it.

Here are Lovers final front only sm

 Book Description

‘A little tragedy… of two races and two traditions.’

When the beautiful and bookish squire’s daughter, Laeti tia Wingfield, meets impoverished would-be scholar Gronwy Griffith, it seems as if both their romantic dreams could come true. But in the turbulence of

1866 and the Second Reform Bill, the gulf between rich and poor is all but impassable, and as Gronwy is the son of a Welsh farmer, a tenant of Laetitia’s Anglicised father, any relationship between the two seems doomed. As personal and political attitudes harden on both sides, events begin to veer dangerously out of control.

In this ironic analysis of the dangers of romanticism, Hilda Vaughan captures the tedium of life for a Victorian young lady and explores the tensions between class, gender and nationality in this divided Welsh and English society.

I hope you enjoyed it! Keep watching for more great authors all month and don’t forget to go by Rosie’s post at… Let’s make it another awesome tour for 2015!


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